Hivorgs are an open species created around the character B4444. While the creator of the species, Presto, maintains their own lore for the species, hivorgs are free and open to use in anyone's stories without restrictions, and people may choose to adapt as much or as little as the "official" lore into their stories as they wish.

Lore, bases, and other resources are very much a work in progress. Please be patient, as this is all currently being done primarily by a single person.

Create Your Own Hivorg

Anyone is free to create as many of thir own hivorgs as they wish, however to be "officially" considered a hivorg they must follow the guidelines found here. Beyond that, there are no paid variants, traits, or features. If someone is telling you you need to pay to have wings or horns or whatnot on your hivorg, they are scamming you.
Reference sheet bases, 3d printing files, and other resourfces can be found here.